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Gloomy was born in Naples in 2000 and in 2005 it moved to Arzano, a town in the Metropolitan City of Naples in the Italian region Campania, located about 9 km north of Naples. The company was founded on Lucio Esposito's initiative and over the years it has been able to ensure a handmade production of leather clothing that is appreciated by customers both in the region Campania and in the rest of Italy. The factory work is improved by the collaboration of artisans who enhance labor with their experience and synergy, with passion and dedication. The family nature of the company, fused to the professionalism and competence, has guaranteed a precious and unique taste of “hand-made” production. In fact quality products born from the company and they are made from high quality leather and careful workmanship. A team of young designers and collaborators, who enthusiastically accepted the challenge to grow the brand winking at outside Italy, joins the work in the factory.




Via Palizzi, 20

80022 -Arzano, Napoli (Italy)


+39 081.731.89.02





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