Gloomy's privileged animals for the production are lambs, suitable for leather clothing and gloves, got from countries where the lamb is a well grown and treated animal, as North Africa, South Africa and Middle East, even if the company doesn't exclude Italian national origins. The choice of the animal is fundamental and it provides a careful and accurate screening, without the exclusion of options that might be the best ones. In fact a choice, that is optimal, is the main objective of any careful selection. The company is structured for buying the crude product and carrying out the processing, starting from the animal hair from which Pikel and / or wetblue and / or vegetable derive. An important role is also assumed by our tanning process, followed by careful research about articles and modeling, and consequently the finished product. Gloomy is also involved in the supply of leather to the committee in terms of clothing, small leather goods and footwear, ensuring elegance and sobriety in full Made in Italy style and design.




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